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Company History

TAKE AIM PHOTOGRAPHY was founded in 2003. My youngest child was six months old and I had two other rugrats, one and three, ruling the roost. Life was busy, needless to say. On sabbatical from my budding career in television to figure out this mom thing, I couldn’t sit still. I had a love affair with photography and for years others were telling me that was what I was supposed to be doing. Finally, not only did I believe them, but felt it was my purpose. I had to show the world what I saw...a beautiful life all around. Thinking I would start slow and take my time honing this craft, one thing led to another and before I could blink, I was full-fledged photographer. For years, I held my babies and cameras in tandem and did the work I was called to do. No stopping, just doing. It was crazy fun but exhausting trying to juggle it all. Sleepless nights soothing, burping and reading to babies while learning about f-stops and editing into the wee hours of the night became my daily practice. I wasn’t only raising my three sons, I was raising TAKE AIM PHOTOGRAPHY too. And just like them, I poured my heart, soul and entire being into it. And just like for them, I wished it to grow and flourish and become as big and strong as I knew it could be.


Fast forward time and just like any mom would want for her children, I wanted TAKE AIM to rise to the next level of being.  Despite its success, and all its happy clients, I knew it could be more. But just as it takes a village to raise a child, it does with a great business too.  So I embarked on a mission to find out how.


Serendipitously, I kept bumping into the other known photographer in town, Lisa Bousquet, at our local Stop & Shop. Our kids were different ages so our paths didn’t usually cross. Little by little, near the milk and eggs, Lisa and I became friends and I became one of her biggest fans.  I found her photographs awe-inspiring and the greatest thing about them was that they were different than mine. What she had I needed; what I had she needed.


Combine that with another powerhouse woman in town, Kellie Guth, who was as business savvy as they come. She not only ran a successful business a few years prior, but now was effortlessly juggling four kids. Kellie has always been a trusted friend and confidante and has always loved photography. Again as life would have it, she was at the stage of motherhood where going back to work was next on the agenda. I knew magic was at hand and now I just needed to convince them of it. 


So I did what most people do these days and called a meeting at Starbucks. We sat close together with our caramel macchiato lattes in hand and discussed what it would be like to join forces. A few sips in and they were sold.   It didn’t take much as each of us knew the gifts of the other and what that would mean to the whole. It was a beautiful realization of Helen Keller’s words, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  We were beside ourselves with excitement and vowed, together we stand. A company that started out with one heart, now had three and TAKE AIM PHOTOGRAPHY officially rose to its next level.

Our one and only inspiration will always be love. It arrives to us in its most captivating form when it is captured through photography.  The invisible becomes visible.  Photographs become your treasures; heirlooms that are passed down through generations, each one telling its own story. Stories that make you laugh and cry and touch the deepest parts of your heart. 

We are in love with what we do and it is our privilege to share it with you.



Our Philosophy

Yours truly,


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