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Meet the Team

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot;

together we can do great things.”  

-Mother Theresa


Lisa, an award-winning photographer whose work has appeared nationwide in magazines, newspapers and marketing publications, is known as our prized money shot

photographer. Lisa has shot features, cover stories and special advertising sections for the Hartford Courant. She is often seen lingering on the outskirts of an event waiting to capture that quintessential moment. She has the patience and intuitive sense to click the shutter at the height of great emotion, creating raw, honest and interesting compositions. Lisa's photojournalistic, storytelling approach brings honesty and authenticity to all of her work.


Founder of TAKE AIM PHOTOGRAPHY, Amy has the biggest heart and an even bigger vision for TAKE AIM’S future. Her work ethic is unparalleled as she manages to wear so many hats: teacher, creative mastermind, inspirer, visionary. Her extensive experience in the entertainment industry began as an intern for Katie Couric on the Today show, included stints on SNL, The Jon Stewart Show, A&E, VH1, MTV and the Oxygen Network where she even got to introduce Alicia Keys to Oprah Winfrey!  She took her experience in entertainment and working with celebrities to the next level when she picked up her camera professionally and worked with clients like Richard Branson. As the exclusive photographer for the Necker Cup, a charitable tennis and golf event held annually on his private retreat Necker Island, she combines her passions of photography and helping others. This girl brings major experience and professionalism to the table, while always taking people to heart. She is the Queen of Fun and possesses a contagious energy that brings out the best in people. That level of trust allows her to get to the heart of her clients. Going that extra mile for a picture ensures her ability to capture moments that will last a lifetime. She is the master at showing everyone their AWESOME!


We call Kellie “the glue” of Take Aim Photography. Her background as a business owner holds us creatives in line! Trust us, you want a Kellie in your life because of the way her personality puts everyone at ease. She’s super fun, always engaging and friendly. Not only is she an incredibly talented photographer, she is a super-organized, detail-oriented guru that keeps this group moving like a fine-oiled machine! The perfect balance to Amy's perfectionism, Lisa's artistry, and Kelly's big ideas, Kellie is the calm waters that guide our clients through some of the biggest days of their lives. Her photography is engaging, focused on amazing detail shots that take special moments to the next level. Kellie has a natural eye for posing, lighting and getting the those unique shots we all remember forever.  


Kelly is our newest member of the TAKE AIM PHOTOGRAPHY team and we are SO happy she is here. She completes us! She is passionate about photography and has been since receiving her first camera in High School. An avid traveller and foodie, Kelly has worked in Europe and all over the US and Caribbean. Her extensive background as a Restaurant Manager, Catering and Event Manager, Marketing Executive and large-scale Project Manager brings a whole new level to TAKE AIM's capabilities. Kelly handles our social media, and corporate sponsorship clients for big events. She loves shooting heartfelt, behind the scenes, candid moments and really enjoys getting to know our clients and their needs. These personal connections are what set TAKE AIM apart.

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